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DIB Funding Signs Dr. Cheikh Mboup to Advisory Board, Begins DIBCOIN Integration

Hollywood, FL, May 10, 2017. DIB Funding, Inc. today announced the Company has signed a recognized entrepreneur with a keen eye on acquisitions and mergers Dr. Cheikh Mboup to the Company’s Advisory Board. He will immediately begin integrating DIBCOIN into the Point of Sale (POS) systems in up to 500 brick and mortar stores.

DIBCOIN was developed to prove that crypto currency could be used on a mass scale as a means of payment at the retail level. DIB Funding, Inc. will use this integration as a proof of concept. Once the integration is completed and the proper data sets collected, the Company plans to quickly roll out DIBCOIN as a form of payment into individual retail outlets and national chains, across the Country and around the globe.

“I cannot overstate the value that Dr. Mboup’s experience and contacts bring to DIB Funding, Inc.” stated Adam Petty President and CEO of DIB Funding, Inc. “With Dr. Mboup’s keen sense of the marketplace and his connections in the retail industry, I believe DIBCOIN will quickly be accepted at retail locations worldwide”.

DIB Funding, Inc. started DIB Nation to build a digital economy centered around DIBCOIN. Dr. Mboup’s acceptance as a member of our Board of Advisors and the retail integration of DIBCOIN is a huge step in that direction. Combined with the efforts of our DIB Affiliates, media exposure and our new advisor Dr. Cheikh Mboup, DIB Nation is poised to become the commerce hub of the crypto currency industry.

“It’s an honor to work with DIB Funding, Inc. and I’m excited to be part of the development of DIBCOIN as a method of payment in retail establishments” stated Dr. Cheikh Mboup. “Our plan is to get DIBCOIN accepted as a method of payment and integrated in consumers’ wallets as the payment tender of choice”.

For DIBCOIN to be integrated into the retail market in an efficient manner, DIB Funding, Inc. will no longer be recommending Digitas Bank. “Based on initial feedback from a couple of large retailers, it is apparent that the retail world is not quite ready for anonymous banking,” stated Adam Petty. “Therefore, to quickly embed ourselves into the retail space, we have decided that the timing is just not right for DIB Funding, Inc. to recommend Digitas Bank.”

Adam Petty, 2017

Dr. Cheikh Mboup earned his Bachelor’s in Finance from Lehigh University, his MBA from Jacksonville University and his PHD in Economics & International Business from Argosy University. He was also honored by the Business Journal as a member of the “Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneurs”.

Dr. Mboup was responsible for the operational growth of key retailers such as Edible Arrangements International, he also facilitated the recent acquisitions of 83 pharmacies in the southeast United States.

Over the past 12 years, Dr. Mboup occupied key roles in the acquisitions and integrations of Winn-Dixie Stores, Sweet Bay Grocery Stores, Harvey’s Reid’s, and Piggly Wiggly grocery chains with Lone Star Funds.

Under Dr. Mboup’s leadership, SSH Investments, Inc. has acquired over 17 restaurants.

In 2014 Dr. Mboup was one of the first entrepreneurs to pair technology with a foodie style restaurant in the United States; Azucena Corner Deli. This deli offers a Pour-Your-Own-Beer Concept; a concept which consists of a beer wall activated by a personalized Radio Frequency Identification bracelet as well as an innovative food menu.

Dr. Mboup is an outstanding example and supporter of American entrepreneurialism. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pierre’s Eatery, a model that embraces the quality of food and technology; by adding an electronic business monitoring system for offsite owners to better serve their customers and manage the business.

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DIBCOIN is a utility token designed for facilitating acquisitions. It allows individuals to invest in potentially profitable companies being acquired.

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