DIBCOIN Is The First Cryptocurrency Ever To Be Use To Purchase A Real Company With Real Assets.

DIBCOIN is a Security Token that is used as a monetary instrument to acquire other companies.

DIBCOIN will upgrade to new omni v0.3.0 protocol this will be a mandatory, and highly recommended upgrade. DIBCOIN is a Managed Security Token and the release of DIBCOIN as an Unmanaged Token on old omnicore will not be compatible with new feature of DIBCOIN v2.

Omnicore v0.3.0 is a major release and consensus critical in terms of the Omni Layer protocol rules.

We are coordinating with Livecoin to halt trading while the re-issuance takes place. We will also contact Cryptopia to assist in the upgrade of new DIBCOIN. We want to prevent the stolen DIBCOINS from entering the broader ecosystem. Further, we do not want to credit the hacker while this is taking place. The re-issuance of DIBCOIN v2 specifications will be announce soon as we hear from the Exchanges . Thanks for your assistants and support.

DIBCOIN v2 Swap Upgrade - We Are Working With Livecoin To Halt Trading Until The Swap Can Take Place.

Hacker Has Dump A Massive Amount Of DIBCOIN , Which Cause The Major Sell Off – You Can Follow The Thief @ https://omniexplorer.info/lookupadd.aspx?address=16SoUGKhsxucDJLRdr78mzwRX8h1HJnKd5


  • […] DIBCOIN was hacked for over 300 million DIBCOIN on November 29, 2017.  Its seems that the incident was isolated towards certain targets of the DIBCOIN executive team like Honson Luma, the former Vice President of Sunshine Capital (SCNP) and DIB Funding and the creator of the cryptocurrency, DIBCOIN. Honson states that he got a phone call on the same day from the hacker who demanded a ransom in which he hung up the phone after he recognized he was talking to an external attacker.  Honson indicated that the hacker was able to steal 238,618,847 DIBC from the company Legacy Wallet – 1FsEA38e3XqGDLvcZ1iaYMFU8tHUQ1xnKM. […]

  • […] DIBCOIN fue pirateado por más de 300 millones de DIBCOIN el 29 de noviembre de 2017. Parece que el incidente fue aislado hacia ciertos objetivos del equipo ejecutivo de DIBCOIN de Honson Luma, el ex vicepresidente de Sunshine Capital (SCNP) y DIB Funding y el creador de la criptomoneda, DIBCOIN. Honson afirma que el mismo día recibió una llamada telefónica del pirata informático que exigió un rescate en el que colgó el teléfono después de reconocer que estaba hablando con un atacante externo. Honson indicó que el hacker pudo robar 238,618,847 DIBC de la Legacy Wallet de la empresa (1FsEA38e3XqGDLvcZ1iaYMFU8tHUQ1xnKM). […]

  • […] DIBCOIN (DIBC)  was originally developed for use by Sunshine Capital, Inc (SCNP) as a digital currency backed by shares of stock owned by that company.  The launch of the DIBC project was viewed as a huge success.  However, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) suspended trading in the securities of SCNP in April of 2017. The suspension was because of questions regarding the accuracy of assertions by SCNP in press releases to investors. Those questions included assertions by SCNP concerning “the liquidity and value of the company’s assets, namely DIBCOINS, a cryptocurrency”.  At the request of several principals in associated companies, deposits and withdrawals were frozen.  Subsequently, withdrawals were permitted. Nevertheless, despite the suspension of trading of SCNP shares on the OTC markets and the continued freeze on deposits, DIBCOIN increased in value and retained viability as a monetary instrument that could be used to acquire other companies. […]

  • […] DibCoin se recupera del robo de sus tokens, evita que el hacker consiga su objetivo y devuelve la confianza a sus inversores, dandole un impulso a su proyecto con su actualización v2. […]

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