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[DIBCOIN UPDATE] Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

BALTIMORE MD, April. 24, 2020 — DIBCOIN (DIBC): The DIBCOIN team would like to share a short update, but a very critical one concerning the mark, DIBCOIN. According to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, the case was submitted for final decision on April 20, 2020. It is our understanding the parties’ final briefs and a review of the evidence of record will be used to determine ownership of the DIBCOIN Mark. The case is expected to be decided by a panel of three judges.  Normally, a single judge will review the entire record and then discuss it with the other judges. Then the three judges will render a decision.

Let me take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the holders of Dibcoin for showing so much patience throughout this entire process.  As you already know, we have continued to fight for you from the start and continue to fight for you, even as we now fight at this present time.  We assure you that on your behalf, we will continue to fight for your interests until the end.  We are hopeful.  We are prayerful. 

We are confident that we presented a business proposal (offer of services) detailing the specifics of providing  specific amounts of dibcoin etc. and a means of transfer for many months before entering into a general services contract with Sunshine Capital.  As such, being the first to offer services using the Mark is equal to prior use in commerce.  Under the law, the first to use a Mark in commerce owns the Mark.  These offers of service were both written and verbal and were made repeatedly prior to entering into the general services contract.  The evidence of record confirms the same.

Based on these things, we look forward to a favorable opinion from the Tribunal.

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    1. Hello,

      Thank you for contacting us. We are unable to determine a decision date. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, the court has a high volume of pending cases in the queue. We are looking for a quick decision.

  1. доброго времени суток! Можете дать коментарий по заключительном решении суда? что будет дальше с монетой?

    1. What I know is that we are in the process appealing this decision and taking the DIBCOIN trademark case to a higher court.

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