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{DIBCOIN Final Decision} Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Ruling

BALTIMORE MD, July 4, 2020 — DIBCOIN (DIBC): We have waited over three years to hear the decision of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Trial Board and on July 2, 2020 the court made their ruling. The ruling in our opinion was not truly investigated and the DIBCOIN mark was granted to the Petitioner, Dib Funding, Inc.

According to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board,  they indicated that Honson Luma, as an individual, did not explain how he first began to use DIBCOIN in connection with cryptocurrency prior to being “hired” by Sunshine Capital, Inc. Further, the court went on to declare that much of the materials on record where not given further consideration in the proceeding. Therefore, the decision on this proceeding was not truthfully examined and gave precedence over a flawed contract that was breached for non-payment of the services rendered to Sunshine Capital, Inc., and Dib Funding.

The offer of service rendered by Honson Luma to Sunshine Capital, Inc and Dib Funding, Inc. were both written and verbally made repeatedly prior to entering the general services contract.  The evidence of record confirms the same. Somehow, the trial boards miss this evidence that was presented very early in the proceeding.

The holders of Dibcoin has shown so much patience throughout this entire process. But the fight must still continue. Under the law, the first to use a Mark in commerce owns the Mark.  Honson Luma provided a presell document advertising his services to Sunshine Capital well before a contract was signed.  With these evidence on record, we will consider appealing the USPTO Trial and Appeal Board and present the case to a higher court.    

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