DIBCOIN Token Swap

BALTIMORE MD, March. 06, 2018 —  DIBCOIN (DIBC)  was initially developed for Sunshine Capital, Inc (SCNP) as a currency back by the shares of the company. However, the Commission “suspended trading in the securities of SCNP in April of 2017 because of questions regarding the accuracy of assertions by SCNP in press releases to investors concerning, among other things, the liquidity and value of the company’s assets, namely DIBCOINS, a cryptocurrency”. Although, the SEC halt and cease trading of SCNP shares on the OTC markets, DIBCOIN still remains a monetary instrument to acquire other companies.


All DIBC held on Livecoin Exchange prior to enabling deposit on Friday, March 2, 2017 will be swapped for 1:50 or 1 current DIBC for 50 of the new upgraded DIBCOIN v2.

DIBCOIN purchased when deposits where enabled, will be swapped for 1:1 or for each old DIBCOIN purchased on re-opening day you will get one new upgraded DIBCOIN v2.

All DIBCOIN deposits on March 2, 2017 up till the trading halt, are not qualified for the swap.

Nonetheless, those who have held their DIBCOIN on livecoin up till this point will not have to do anything.  Livecoin will facilitate the swap on behalf of the company. However, patience is required by investors while livecoin do their swap process.


The first step for management is to redeem the DIBCOINS traded on livecoin so that shareholders can go on to trade normally with no restrictions. 

The second step will be to redeem DIBCOIN held in the Omni Wallet. However, due to the high volume of DIBCOINS held on Omni, the company will take important measures to ensure proper credit are given to original owners of DIBCOIN and not to the hacker and his corporates. This can take some time. But rest assured if you have earned or brought DIBCOIN legitimately you will get your redemption. The ratio for DIBCOINS held on Omni have not been sorted out yet due to the mingling of stolen DIBCOINS on the platform.

Information about the swap for DIBCOIN shareholders on Omni, will be announced publicly once the swap for livecoin has been completed.  Please understand all new wallets created from 11/29/17 up till the swap time, will be considered fraudulent. Any transfer of DIBCOINS from wallet to wallet at this critical time will also be considered fraudulent. We suggest the community cease in the transaction of DIBCOIN immediately to avoid your address being flagged.  


The previous management group, DIB Funding has control over the web wallet https://dibex.us.  I was locked and blacklisted from the wallet and never was given access to my funds after I mention my resignation. Till this day, I can’t access my funds from the web wallet. Even after I took the lost and moved on, I became a victim of a revenge hacking. So therefore, DIBCOIN held in the DIBwallet is deemed stolen and are not eligible for redemption.  If you held coins in the DIB Funding web wallet, you will need to contact the company for a reimbursement or access to your funds. The new owners of DIBCOIN started on February 6, 2018, the day USPTO registered DIBCOIN trade mark to its new owner. Anything before this date will need to be address to the former company.

The DIBCOIN team will provide further updates as they become available. We like to say we appreciate the shareholders patience while we are going through this transformation. Please understand that we are working as fast as we can with the swap to resume trading on Livecoin.  

Company name: DIBCOIN

Company site: https://dibcoin.io.

All concern and question can be sent to info@dibcoin.io.

*LOGO for media: https://i.imgur.com/NTxXgYz.jpg

DIBCOIN is a utility token designed for facilitating acquisitions. It allows individuals to invest in potentially profitable companies being acquired.

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