DIB Funding, Inc has signed a contract with FMW Media Corp, the producers of the business show “New To The Street”


Hollywood, Fl. May 25, 2017. DIB Funding, Inc has signed a contract with FMW Media Corp, the producers of the business show “New To The Street”. FMW Media’s hosts will interview members of DIB Funding, Inc’s management team monthly to discuss the ongoing developments of DIBCOIN. Their business show, “New to the Street”, airs on the Fox Business Network and ION TV with 95 million viewers.

“The exposure that the ‘New To The Street’ interviews will bring to DIB Funding, Inc, and DIBCOIN is truly amazing”, Stated Adam Petty, CEO of DIB Funding, Inc. “Having the opportunity to discuss our Company and DIBCOIN on the Fox Business Network will benefit all facets of our business model”.

Adam Petty, 2017

On May 24th, at their New York Studio, “New To The Street” host Ken Evseroff interviewed DIB Funding’s Adam Petty and Dr. Cheihk Mboup of SSH Investment, Inc. Mr. Petty discussed the development of DIBCOIN and the Company’s future plans for DIBCOIN. While Dr. Mboup talked about his decision to get involved with DIBCOIN and the process he’s spearheading of implementing it into the retail space.

“Sharing my vision for DIBCOIN during the interview yesterday was a great experience”, said Adam Petty. “I hope Dr. Mboup’s and my passion for what we are doing comes across to the audience.”

FMW Media Corp. (“New To The Street”) is a leading provider of business profiles and special corporate programming. FMW Media produces “New To The Street” which paves the way to the latest financial issues. It offers a blend of business and financial services news reporting and in-depth interviews relating to new products, economic analysis, and company profiles.

Company name: DIB Funding, Inc.

Company site: https://dibcoin.us

Company contacts: Adam Petty, CEO and President DIB Funding, Inc.

Tel: (954) 703-2538

Email: support@dibcoin.usceo@dibfunding.us

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