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Sunshine Capital, Inc. Announces Appointment of Venture Capitalist and Stock Market Magnate, Adam T. Petty as New President & CEO of Sunshine Capital and DIB Funding, Inc.

NEWS PROVIDED BY Sunshine Capital, Inc. Sep 24, 2016, 01:05 ET

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., Sept. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Sunshine Capital, Inc. (Pink Sheets: SCNP) today announced that it has appointed venture capitalist and stock market magnate Adam T. Petty as the new president and CEO of both Sunshine Capital and DIB Funding to help execute the acquisitions of profitable private companies using the newly created DIBCOIN as currency.

This appointment comes due to the severity and uniqueness of the upcoming acquisitions using the cryptocurrency DIBCOIN, the first ever cryptocurrency that will be used as a monetary instrument to acquire assets for Sunshine Capital, Inc. with the outcome of no debt or dilution to the Sunshine shareholders.

The Company expects Mr. Petty’s stock trading experience and expertise in mergers and acquisitions along with his ability to run multiple companies at one time but his keen in site on knowing what investors expect from the companies they invest in to be invaluable asset. 

“This was my goal all along; to sign my long-time friend and business associate Adam Petty as President and CEO of my children’s two Companies,” stated Daniel J. Duffy, Investment Trustee of his children’s Companies. “What this move means no one really understands but me, Mr. Petty was with me through it all in 2003-2009 and without his assistance I would never been able to achieve the 140M dollars in executed and pending mergers and acquisitions for my multiple public companies.”

“We are so blessed to have Mr. Petty join the management team of both Sunshine Capital and DIB Funding,” stated Honson Luma, Vice President of both Companies. “With Mr. Petty’s expertise in the stock market, along with his ability to perfectly execute these upcoming acquisitions using DIBCOINS, there is no doubt that this business plan will be executed with the shareholders best interest in mind.”

“I must say it is an honor to be appointed President and CEO of Sunshine Capital and DIB Funding, Inc.,” stated Petty, newly appointed President and CEO of both Sunshine Capital and DIB Funding, Inc. “This executive position will allow me to ensure my long-time friend and business associate’s children’s companies are run in the best interest of the shareholders.

“Also, with my experience as a trader, venture capitalist, business owner, completing mergers and acquisitions; there is no doubt that I can acquire assets for the two companies and all the shareholders using DIBCOIN as form of payment. Our business model of using cryptocurrency to purchase hard assets will become the model for mergers and acquisitions and we will prove that cryptocurrencies are not just to purchase items on the internet, like bitcoin, but a currency that will have value and accepted all around the world.”

Mr. Petty graduated from Oglethorpe University receiving a BBA in accounting and a minor in economics. Mr. Petty received his CPA license in 1988. Mr. Petty is a serial entrepreneur, leading several businesses from retail stores to an accounting firm to multiple public relations firms. Mr. Petty gained his merger and acquisition experience while running his investor relations firm from 1999 to 2009, assisting in the execution of multi-million dollar deals with multiple public companies. Mr. Petty has built his wealth through investments in micro-cap public companies. Mr. Petty has spent the last 20 years in the market consulting with both private and public companies in financing, capital raising and mergers and acquisitions. 

Media Contact:
Adam T. Petty, Pres/CEO
Sunshine Capital, Inc.
7777 Davie Road Extension
Suite 302B
Hollywood, FL 33024

Forward-Looking Statements:
The private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 provides a safe harbor for forward-looking information made on the company’s behalf. All statements, other than statements of historical facts which address the company’s expectations of sources of capital or which express the company’s expectation for the future with respect to financial performance or operating strategies, can be identified as forward-looking statements. Such statements made by the company are based on knowledge of the environment in which it operates, but because of the factors previously listed, as well as other factors beyond control of the company, actual results may differ materially from the expectations expressed in the forward-looking statements.

SOURCE Sunshine Capital, Inc.

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