Mixing Penny Stock With New DIBCOIN Cryptocurrency Does Really Not Improve Either

Peter J Reilly Forbes Contributor|TAXES

Almost all the coverage you will find about Sunshine Capital Inc is press releases by Sunshine Capital Inc. Sunshine trades over the counter and is currently priced at $6.00 per share making it, in the view of my stick in the mud investor adviser, a “penny stock” too volatile for his firm to get involved with.  A recent press release from Sunshine obliges me to clarify a piece I did that discussed the company.  The title of the press release give its essence “Sunshine Capital Inc. Announces That The Company’s Use of ‘DIBCOIN’ Was Described as ‘Genius’ in a Forbes.com Article”.  It goes on:

“It’s an honor to be mentioned in a financial news icon like Forbes.com,” stated Adam Petty, President and CEO. “The real genius of our business plan is Sunshine Capital, unlike the majority of public companies who use their stock as ‘currency,’ ours is structured in such a way that DIBCOIN will be used as a currency and that our shareholders’ ownership will never be diluted.”

Some Clarification

There are two problems with that statement.  One is that there is an implication that in my piece with the hardly laudatory title of Florida Man Goes From Multilevel Marketing To Cryptocurrency – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?  I am somehow endorsing Sunshine Capital Inc and Dibcoin. I am not endorsing Sunshine Capital Inc and Dibcoin.  I don’t want to knock them.  I figure I have a pretty smart readership and that you can form your own conclusion.

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