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BALTIMORE MD, December. 31, 2020 — What a year, almost felt like forever and that the year will never come to an end. We can’t believe we made it through an unprecedented year like 2020. With coronavirus hitting us – economically, physically, mentally, socially, politically and in other ways we don’t even yet know. The DIBCOIN team had to demonstrate a high degree of flexibility, despite many setbacks. Like all companies in the crypto industry, the constantly changing of information, exchange hacks, regulations, opportunities and financial limits continue to pose challenges to DIBCOIN. However, in tough times, we rise to the challenges and find new paths forward.

As you might not be aware that was hacked and this took place over the night of Dec. 23-24. The exchange posted on its site Christmas Eve that the service was subject to a “carefully planned attack” that it suggested may have been planned “over the last few months.”

We believe to be over 500 million dibcoins held/halted on livecoin exchange prior to their hack.  

All DIBCOINS held on Omni Wallet were swapped for the new DIBCOINv2 in 2017. So, there is nothing to worry about for coins held on omniwallet. However, for those who held DIBCOINS on Livecoin Exchange, unfortunately there is no current remedy. Because livecoin as it appears, will not be in business again. We are exploring ideas to make all investors whole again.   

We want to continue our relationship with our investors and the DIBCOIN Community even in times of uncertainty. The focus was primarily, but not exclusively, on providing shareholders value from the beginning. 

The DIBCOIN team wishes each and every one of you a safe and healthy holiday celebration time, whenever, however and wherever you may be celebrating this year around the globe. May 2021 bring all us better tidings!

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DIBCOIN is a utility token designed for facilitating acquisitions. It allows individuals to invest in potentially profitable companies being acquired.

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