Creating an OMNI Wallet

Creating an OMNI Wallet

Creating an OMNI Wallet to Store DIBCv2:

Go to and
click on ‘Create Wallet’ in the menu bar.

From there, simply fill in a
strong password you want to use, enter an email address (optional but highly
recommended) and complete the form.

Once you are logged in, you
should be greeted with your Wallet ID: Save this in a secure place. This and
your password are how you will login to your wallet in the future.

If you accidentally clicked
away from the initial display before saving your Wallet ID, you can always see
your Wallet ID in the top menu or under the ‘Account Settings’

Source –

Make sure you have a strong
password for your new Omni Wallet account and print out the email from Omni
Wallet.  Store your password and wallet ID along with your other important
paper documents in a secure place.

For more questions and
answers on the process of opening and maintaining your Omni Wallet, please
visit –

Buy Bitcoins (BTC) & Send
to Your Omni Wallet

Now that your wallet is set-up with BTC or Tether, you can now purchase and sell DIBCOIN on the Omni-Dex or Finexbox. Remember to send some BTC to your address or you can import your own address to get started.