DIBCOIN Is A Smart Property

DIBCOIN is used as a Multiparty Monetary Smart Property Instrument whose token pool is actively managed by the address that creates the property.

DIBCOIN (DIBC) is the first ever penny stock cryptocurrency that was created for Sunshine Capital, Inc (SNCP), a former public trading company in the United States to be used to acquire existing private and public companies. By using DIBCOINS, SCNP would have constructed its portfolio with neither debt nor dilution to its former existing shareholders by using DIBCOIN in lieu of traditional currency. 

The Bottom Line!

DIBCOIN has several advantages over traditional stocks.  First, DIBCOIN is a digital currency that is no longer backed by a equity holding firm nor a public company.  Secondly, it is not tied to changes in value resulting from Central Banks’ traditional currencies. Thirdly, DIBCOIN transactions are encrypted and are locked in as proof of work (PoW) on the blockchain forever. 

The Future of Money

“One of the ultimate goals is to prove that cryptocurrency can be used just like the U.S. Dollar.”

Honson Luma, 2016

Concerned about your DIBCOINS? Next Steps…

Upgraded DIBCOINv2 Swap!! (Livecoin Exchange was hacked on the night of Christmas Eve 2020)

The DIBCOIN team will provide further updates as they become available. We would like to say that we appreciate the shareholders’ patience while we are going through this transformation. Please understand that we are working as fast as we can with the swap so that we can resume trading on Livecoin.